You need a light source with a special spectrum? We make it !

Custom LED

We can design custom light sources based on spectrum and other considerations such as the forward voltage and currrent and the operating conditions.

Custom Light Spectrum

Custom Matrix LED

Custom LED MatrixWe can design and let assemble different kind of matrix LED with mixed wavelenghts using different dies and phosphorus layers. We choose the most suitable package according the LED power and to the integration requirements. We are capable to deliver single samples or more than hundred thousand units per order.

Custom LED Strips

Custom LED Strip AssemblyAnother common way to create light sources is using a linear PCB onto which we will assemble chips from different wavelengths in order to obtain the required spectrum.
We can provide hard or flexible PCB as part or integrated in complete fixtures.

Power and Control Solutions

Power supply and control solutionsWe can also provide power and control solutions for all light sources thanks to our wide network of subcontractors in the power electronics industry.