Not sure you got the right light quality, let us test it !

The Sphere

Illubel has a 1m integrating sphere equipped with a HSM02 spectrometer able to measure the visible spectrum from 380 to 780nm and AC and DC controlled power supplies.

Spectrometer calibration

MR16 SpectrometerIllubel is a service center for Rainbow Light Technologies portable spectrometers. We can recalibrate and do the first level service for all Rainbow Light MR16 customers.

Please find our coordinates below and contact us to get a proposal.

Light Source quality testing

Whether your are a producer of light sources, a lighting manufacturer, a research center or an architect, you may need to check the quality of your light sources. We can offer two types of services:

On site control
Using a MR16 portable spectrometer we send you a technician that will measure the light source on site. You will then be able to have the following information: CCT, CRI, X/Y coordinates, PPF value, Lux value at a specific distance. Measurement can be recorded and sent to the customer. It can be analysed with Excel or with the freeware RL Viewer.
In house control
You can send us your light source, we can install it in our integrating sphere and give you the same data plus total lumen output and lumen / W information. We can also provide you a comprehensive report and the raw data set.